Finish moves 15 charcascasd

i dont think finish moves will be removed
but atleast add more or improve them, like the charge is just a normal charge while the others are i wouldn’t say better something

or just remove them!

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No, I like the hook making the opponent red! It’s so.amazig and I just love watching it

i like the sword at long distances


Lol, me too :laughing::laughing:
20 char

I think finish moves are cool.
??? not sure how or why they are achieved…just random i guess?

what if it is a electirc or physical hook

i just don’t know, that the opponent experiencing it also?
i mean does they see if i stomp their mech to pieces?

the reason i am asking, because i loose a lot…:anguished:, but i never saw that happen to me…

No it doesn’t, it only shows for us

i think they were cool but now r outdated devs jus trow legacy items to sea but forgot to improve all on game to be really “reloaded”

still make enemy red xD
also the drone suicide attack dislike me