Fine evening lads , unicron event dope as heck

Unicorn event. :racehorse:

not gonna lie, will have to live on ramen noodles for the next month but this was deffinitely worth it.

(yes, it’s a sad little life I lead ;p)


And misfit, is as the proverb says “some much and others nothing, and this is no coincidence …”

You will have your shotgun, but I have the Horn …

What mode did you play to get these loot drops? :open_mouth:

He bought the Premium Pack (5 items). :slight_smile:


Zipp me fast daddy lmao

The devs did it for me…they zipped us faster then ever :wink:
You also made a wrong move to post it… but think that is part of your character and flavor.


Thats basically me , sarcastic but somehow funny lol

I certainly hope whe learned something out of this… or all the players will forever have to grind for peanuts from now on.


Yes. There is no such thing as free fun event in this game.

Doesn’t matter how much grind i do i never see that yellow card. I believe its only made for premium member’s only.

Idk I got the yellow card 4 times now :>

Event will be back some time this week, perhaps for the weekend? :slight_smile:


Doesnt matter how many epic you get it this game takes eternity to transform an item this game make pilot bore to death, i dont know when last time i login to my sm account. I m going to pass on my boredom sm to someone else, i have two max item may be i delete it or deactivate or donate it to someone.

Hi Elcent

Do you have the topic where this was published?

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@Elcent, you are publishing this Mohadib intervention. pls., can you tell me if you are publishing it directly or Mohadib wrote it somewhere in the forum?

Thank u

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this is need to bumps bumps hahah

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Toxic lowkey just quit the game because she thought the event was her fault or other players made her quit idk

Let’s just post things everywhere and advertise everywhere -dwightx YouTube

I hope Toxic didn’t really quit. I was clearly the BUG’s fault. That ban-hammer, though… ouch.