Finally starts inventory limit

starts inventory limit 00:00:00

but there are still many players who, because they do not buy tokens to obtain enough gold to merge, and the difficulty of obtaining weapons that can be carried to myths still generates that many still can not clean their inventory

as long as there is at this stage the value of fusion will be very difficult to eliminate because of the difficulty of obtaining gold in the field, you do not get enough for a large inventory, “without having to buy” there are many players who have time and still can not buy 14 to 17 years who can not buy however are great players.


It is not a question if gold for me. I have enough gold to fuse everything away… but i can’t because most of my unfusable are upgrade materials - epics I will use as upgrade fuel to make legendaries. Then i will store these (at least 5) to make mythicals.

I have a lot of power kits that I do not want to waste so I can clear up inventory.

The limit should be higher.

I am stuck.

GG tacticsoft.

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When the inventory limit thing happened I misread it and I fused almost 2000 legacy items ( i was a pack rat) in the first 24 hours. I spent about 500 US doing it too. Then my clan mates explained to me that it was 24 days not hours. Sometimes I have brain farts. :blush:


i can only think of this:

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I really do not think if we talk about music adapted to the situation I think it’s closer to what I feel

PS: Besides this if it’s real music

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My opinion on inventory limit, one of the stupidest things TS has done so far…


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