Finally not Banned

Well it was nice to be banned for no reason but im back now :slight_smile:

Was kinda strange at first I was banned until the 5th then I log in on the 5th and it say the 13th…so system maybe broken idk @Sarah247

Consequences and Repercussions…thats moral of the stroy :slight_smile:


You wasn’t banned bro, Lol.

The forum was offline for everyone.

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I pretty sure elcent ban me on around april 29th until march 5th

but then it changed to march 13th somehow idk



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Winner winner chicken dinner…

Was Feb lol not april

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I still don’t know if I am the chicken or if I’m the chicken consumer.


You made my day Lol.


U were banned for forum behaviour , and calling elcent words in game lol

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Nonsense, in game callings were NEVER punished since 4 years, it is NOT a reason for a ban :exclamation:

Otherwise 40 - 50 players would have a need to get banned, calling me stupid things in game :exclamation:


@Elcent, please confirm this :exclamation:


So name calling is bannable offense ?

I not even cuss name call him.

And he edit my words…that actually was truth and hurt nobody :slight_smile:

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Nope , elcent is triggered easily , if you join our disocrd you can see he can get mad fast lol

I could give a crap if he is triggered easy or gets mad fast lol

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But very interesting topic, a clear Death Treat with video prove =

no ban :exclamation:

A few wrong words in forum =

2 weeks ban :exclamation:

Sorry, but that logic is to high for me :exclamation:

shameless plug

join our retarded discord

I think elcent maybe ban you when he see this thread. 1st you say he is easily triggered and gets mad easy and then you say he has retarded discord ?

Thats so much worse than what i say lol omg i cant stop laughing…i cant breath…help me

That is going to be a hard NO from me on joining the retarded discord but thanks for the invite :slight_smile:

@TechnoDive tell us another joke…

This was not in game…it was in forum but still i see people calling names here also.

The server owner is fluxeon lol