Finally luck on my side again - raid tier 5 lowest damage possible!


Today after several dozens of attempts I actually managed to be luck enough to only receive the absolute minimal damage of 6 points of damage in total.

  • 1 point of damage each from the Malice Beam of each tank = 2 points of damage
  • 2 points of damage from each minion mech (1 point from the Malice Beam + 1 point from the drone attack) = 4 points of damage

= 6 points of damage total.

My max HP was 3,598 HP and as such I finished raid with 3,592 HP.
This resulted in a score of 5,747 as you can also see in this video that I immediately recorded after I realized that I had minimal damage received for all four underlings:


Lucky one… but I can better :ghost: …)))


Well, if you can do better then only with more max HP because less than 6 points of damage is not possible without bug/glitch or cheating today.

So let us see if TS who thought that they got rid of the complaints about the bug/glitch or cheating in raid will still have to deal with this issue now because I have the position to compare my score with any higher score today…
Merry X-mas, TS. :smiling_imp: