Finally here to introduce myself!

Hello Im MetalHead.
** Introduce yourself to me by dropping a comment below.**
If u are not here to be friends let me know,…We can Fight!
I dont back down.
I will never surrender.
U will die.

I’m a kool dude until u cross me. Then im your worst Nightmare!


Welcome to the SuperMechs forum :exclamation:

I like your words, special because SuperMechs is a BATTLE game, and not like a few here in forum try to say “I am mother Theresa, and we have to love each other” = nonsense :exclamation:

Fight and be friend with other FIGHTERS, not with Goofies …

Goofy dumm


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Um… Hello?? I guess I could meet you in Super Mechs later today. I can get on at around… 4:30 :clock430: Since I am at school today, school wifi prevents me from playing super mechs in school.

Hello there.
Interesting way of introducing yourself…You remind me of spartans somehow.
Anyways,in here you’ll meet a lot of people,share ideas,learn new stuff and have a lot of fun.
Nice to meet you and I hope we’ll get along.

Another one has joined our ranks,and this time it’s a gladiator!
Btw,I’m also a metalhead.

Well, he does have a clan called “Ronin,” you can find the topic here somewhere. To me, Ronin sounds like “Roman” Meaning the “Roman clan.” Since the Roman times were near the spartans time (I think…) He would have to sound like them (IDK WHAT I SAID GO AHEAD AND HIT MY HEAD SO I CAN GET A COMA.)

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Ronin is actually that one legendary blademaster from a vintage movie…
Even so,he dies sound like some kind of medieval fighter of some sorts…

I don’t really like this style but everyone has their own,so just as others don’t judge me I won’t either.

@MetalHead,may I ask how old are you?

Oh… That would explain it xD

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Weren’t ronins from japan?

I did mention “Roman” and Roman is not from japan :confused: I am pretty sure they are from “YOUR ROPE”.

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A ronin is a melee fighter.

Nice To Meet You MetalHead…Welcome To The Forums

Those kind of introductions always make me smile :joy: