Finally got my account back

Well third time truly is the charm with supermechs support lol got my legacy account up again, at the cost of 177 maxed legendary power units but hey everything comes at a price. On my way down to proper placement now woo! should only take around 20 losses rofl wish me luck boys. Shout out to Jess for being a dapper lass and helping me out, and to the tech guys for fixing it quickly, only took a few days once i got in contact.

Heres what im looking like for now. Never realized how heavy legacy stuff is now lol


eh needs some work :roll_eyes:

Damn…i still wish if i had my frist and sec acc back…gongratulations.

Nice galaxus m8

galaxus is a legacy therefor it’s garabage

to say the least. unfortunately coins are limiting me as far as leveling stuff lol

thanks. i have switched it out already tho lol

yea thats unfortunately true. has been switched

Garbage or not,this was once my heart in this game.
Also,don’t think your mech is too bright,either…




24 PM


57 AM

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Here is an audio.