Final (hopefully) Solution For Quitters

its funny how i say it although i quit to some people , other than that if they are actually a good person i let them have the coins if they win.

ANYWHO! If he / you quit , the opponent / you will get the maximum reward or even twice the max reward.

Yall agreeing?

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  • idc

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i think they should have quitters anonymous meetings. where they all agree that they are a quitter and will improve


so basically if my oponent flee ill get double reward?
x example on rank 5 i would get 10k instead of 5k?

Couldnt that be abused to quit with a couple fake accounts on ppl from a clan the members you want to boost resources of?

What are the odds of 2 people fighting multiple times in a row?

Its not just 2 ppl. It could be against certain clans. And to answer tour question I’ve actually fought against the same guy 4 times in 2 weeks. (I only play arena enough to collect daily bonus, and thats only if im not lazy (i only collected daily reward for arena fights like 5 times in the 2 weeks) so i dont play arena that much.) Thats a big chance of meeting that same guy

It’s simple no need for any of this extra this stop that. We should just get the full reward owed to us beings we entered a contract by pressing the fight button even if the wussies want to quit.

To keep it from being profitable by multi account users there should be a penalty fine for the quitter so they have no benefit for being wussies.

For all those out there that quit you have no respect for gaming or those who play so head over to the little kids table and play with flash cards maybe you’ll learn something.

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