Fewer & Lower Grade Items?

Anyone else notice in last couple days ( since the ‘MASS UPGRADE’ rollout) that the item boxes have tended to have MORE 2 (instead of 3), & more COMMON with almost nil RARE & virtually zilch on a LEGENDARY…

Just me? - 'Have you guys noticed this?
It is what it is- not really whining (maybe a little).

Either way, love this game- it’s fun.


“Fun” He said

well it IS, dag nabbit.

i think the boxes have been nerfed, but i dont really care it makes it faster to upgrade still, dont you agree?

I wasn’t trying to tie the 2 issues together, just seemed that since that timing of the rollout that thet items in boxes got really thin …
I dont use the MASS UPGRADE feature, by the time I DeSelect everything each time, its just quicker to scroll.
But that’s just me, appearantly most folks are Raving about it.
So it is seen as a Win for the devs, most players like it over the previous.
All good.