Few things a wanna disscus

errr… this is one of the worst analogy I ever read online (and I read a lot). A better one is “when you purchase a product and that product is changed after the point of sale - YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND A FULL REFUND”. Your analogy might just work, just maybe, IF THE GAME DIDNT INCLUDE MONETISATION. They are strictly forbidden to alter any paid elements (“but all games do it” I hear you cry…) Just because its common practice in the industry does not mean we (the paying public) should accept it! Gaming is (EDIT: one of) the most profitable industry in the world. Don’t feel sorry for the Dev too much Kaen :wink:


Actualy i have a single corection to you statement:
The most profitable industry is the War industry, second is the Pharmaceutical industry, 3rd is automobile industry, 4th is the IT and Development industry(with Gaming the most profitable in this segment).
But the rest is bullseye, and very well put.

PS: It is actualy quite sad that War is 1st… but then again “War…War never changes…”


Thanks for correction, fair point. Wars should be decided by gaming - one day I think they will.