Few things a wanna disscus

First of all, it is possible to get a legendary from a fortune box. Believe me, I got one. Look at this.

I got this legendary sword. Here is a prove: you can see that it can’t be epic, which means I didn’t transform it to legendary. And the only way to get it is from a box. Is probably not from a silver .or a mix box. JUST BELIEVE ME, I GOT A LEGENDARY ITEM FROM A FORTUNE BOX

Next thing is, I don’t understand why is everyone complaining about that they don’t get boxes from campaign. Why?? I mean, I get an item box almost every time from campaign. N o idea are they lying to make the game look worse, or they are lying on purpose, or I’m just more lucky then they are.

I guess that will be all for this topic. :slight_smile:

Everyone is complaining because the chances of getting boxes from boss missions were around 95% (There was an occasional bug that prevented you from getting a box). Now, the chances are much lower, from personal experience… it seems to be about 50-60% ish now.

And yes obviously you could get a legendary from those boxes… it’s just very rare. :slight_smile:

Oh… and let’s not forget the developers’ tendencies to give false/inaccurate information.


I like how everytime there is 95% of player base who say A sharing the same opinion and suddenly pop up a white fly who says B, where B is “I don’t get why everyone is unhappy all of you are just imagining things”.


So im currently looking for two epic to transform my nightfall. Ramboy juices is over now no more epics. I only get boxes with full of charcoal.


Can someone send some private message to @Skiller-Legendary and explain WHY AND WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? I JUST GIVE UP…


You can’t bro… one must just simply walk away fron these things… you know… just walk away.


Hello Skiller! Hi Walt! What do you show, has it been today or a few days ago?

Fluxy believe me if theres a 1% of not getting something for me its like a 70%
and im not complaining about ._. people neeed to get used to get things at the hard way

Today. Now I’m broke xd.

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Perfectly normal to be upset. Imagine if you are at work… and your boss suddenly cuts your pay to 70% of what it once was, would you be happy?

Except for you need work to survive and pay your bills. But the boxes were just a convenience that was GIVEN BY THE DEVELOPERS. When you start your job, you and the employer agree on a payrate and everything. But when you play a game, the devs are the ones that added the fortune boxes in there, and should be allowed to take them away. Not that they have, since i still get some from bosses. When you started playing the game, there was no such thing as fortune boxes. Yet you were playing nevertheless. Why dont you complain about sales in the same way? “I coulda sworn all tokens were 25% off and now they are normal price i should go on the forum and bawl my eyes out at how cruel and unjust life is”

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I’m referring to boxes as a whole… not just fortune boxes. :slight_smile:

On last week, am take two legendary items on Fortune box. Two times= Two items.

So many replies :open_mouth:

nope and there would be 2 options… legal consecuences or find another job
but believe me if there is a 1% of chance of not getting something with my luck on games it would be a 70%
but! actually i got a legendary from fortune boxes(after 10 fortune boxes only with commons and rares ive got a torso that i already had evolved so…) it would be used as evolving material e.e

Because the game IS still like a big beta
this need way more things to become at least a good game actually its average and thats the whole reason why i still dont use money on this game

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if you know better games, why are you wasting your time trying to incite a flame war on here? If i knew a better game i would be playing it and i would be spending time on the forum of that game.

because i see a pontentially great game here
and i want to patreon SM but it doesnt need love on this moment
war isnt my way to do things but it would be a good feature on this game since clans are useless
a friends list too since fb login is useless
better baits to buy since actually theres nothing on the hook
better login reward system since actual its too poor on the way it is received
better events… or at least events i only see unicorn as an event actually
should i mention the full list or u understand my point here?

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I understand the point Izhar - just because there might be better things doesn’t mean we should give up on a bad thing. I have given up but that is because I was only here one week before all the “adjustments” to campaign made it feel pointless to farm. My “investment” in the game was still very small and I can make the choice to “cut my losses”. For those players with a larger “investment” it is not so straightforward. Kaen - you seem to be confused, one minute you are singing the praises of the game and the next you are agreeing that the recent “update” is unfair… I suggest to settle down and try to understand peoples comments a bit better before responding :slight_smile:

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I say “given up” - this means I stopped playing but I am still here in the forum, hoping that (for the sake of loyal players) this whole mess can be resolved. I will help if I can…

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