Feedback on Raid

Firstly Raid is a great add to the game and is a nice game mode that everyone can have a go at.

Thoughts on game play:

They do seem a bit like regular missions and not too much strategy beyond killing them while taking minimal damage. This means getting the energy to 0 in 1 hit or getting them double overheated. This massively disadvantages physical mechs (me) which is not a problem apart from it seems this can be done on every raid mission!

It would be nice to see raids themed a bit more each day. So that on some days it would be impossible to overheat the mech or impossible to take the energy down to 0 on turn 1. (max values at 600 with regen/cooling at 200ish)

I would say that the HP of the last raid should be a lot more. It seems a shame that several people got 1st but only 1 gets the rewards. If its made slightly harder hopefully this wont happen.


No, seems like everyone with the same score got the same rewards. I got first place reward and so did 2 other people. :slight_smile:

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The bad thing is there are too many hackers in raid
Good thing is you can least get 150 tokens and golds


The truth will be seen @Fluxeon

You do actualy realise that the perfect score can not be achived by normal and legal ways?
Math tells us that.
And that there was a glitch that was abused?
And you do know that the main dev also ranked as 9th and denied reward to other players by pushing them down( 50 tokens less for all those who were at the limit of tier, 200-250).
But it was free stuff so can’t complain about it to much… except for the lack of fairness towards the ones that played legit… and those that exploited/hacked get away with it… but that is the norm nowadays in this game … right?

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I would think anyone who got a perfect score used a repair drone.

Otherwise, top place would generally go to anyone lucky enough to have gotten the legendary+ modules.

Top 50 isn’t a huge difference from top 10 rewards though, and overall nice to get a boost. I’d like to see Raids where it’s a lot harder to win as opposed to “how do I get a perfect score”. Something above insane level.

Also… track damage received, do not just give the rewards to people who didn’t fuse their repair drone.

so, i wonber how all the top people cheated their way there? is anything going to be done about all these obvious cheaters? are we going to get a proper explanation of how the raid points work?

since answering these questions would require actual work and effort, i’m going to assume that the wastes of oxygen in charge of this game arent going to do anything. all of the people actually playing the game just have to deal with losing all the good prizes for raid/arena to all the peices of scum who dont have any skill so the only way they can not be at the bottom of the lists, where they belong, is to cheat.

Bro just chill down a bit, no need to insult.
I get it, we all do, that hacks/exploits/etc are used alot by top players, and it feel like a spit into the face of honest playing and paying players.
But dont let that anger get the best of u. This is what it is… a cold wake up shower of what it has become.
It is sad to see it happen,and it feels so much more disrespectfull to be so out in the open, in our face, but this is how things go around here.
Maybe one day…

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calm down? really? no, everyone else needs to get more upset. this isnt the only good game out there thats being ruined by a**holes. and just quietly dealing with it only encourages this to happen more.
Everyone needs to stop just letting the good things in this world get worse and worse. its been years since i contributed any money to any gaming establishment, because NONE of them have produced anything worth my money. unfortunately thats all i CAN do. so untill everyone stops paying for crap and starts demanding better products, were all stuck with crap. and i will not “chill down” about how much that all sucks

Been on that warpath myself, it consumed alot of my energy, nerves and the end result… nothing.
I got banned from forum, banned from game, earned myself the hate of most of these “top players”, lost some old friends in the process that went over to the darkerside.
I just felt like telling you that this road you want to take… it is a dead end.
There will be no bans or any repercursions towards the “top players”, usualy those that get caught just change their ingame names and move on.
Ps: I and a few others went against Shiro, we took them down, only for the moment, they just changed names and now hide in the top clans.

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I totally agree that cheating is a disgrace and should be instantly banned for it. However being enraged by the cheating achieves nothing as @El_Metre says. Instead report it whenever possible (with evidence) and slowly cheaters will be kicked from the game.

To report cheaters you can contact support in-game or send a PM directly to Sarah. Please try to not to post threads of them on the forum though as it can start an unnecessary witch hunt.


Can you tell us what kind of evidence tacticsoft accepts? Because pictures, videos and math were never one of them.

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apparently “evidence” dosent count as evidence lol