Feedback on (premium) heaters


Been a while since I had this much fun on forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Some good lulz here.

P.S. What’s most amazing is that some people just don’t understand the internet. They act like it’s IRL here.

I.E. Reporting to Google, Facebook, YouTube, lawyering up etc. SMH :joy::joy::joy:

Edit: Forgot Interpol and FBI :upside_down_face:

Edit: Feeding trolls.


Seems you are talking from expierence about :exclamation:

:rofl: :joy: :laughing:


At least we back up our accusations with evidence.

@bestplayerintheworld it literally took me less than 5 minutes to do this, lol. Now, the same can’t be said about your time playing the actual game.


Fake ‘evidence’ is fake.


Could you just stop or bring this into PMs ?

It would free up space and prevent this thread a fateful fate…


Not sure how I got called back here but when I beat Wep she cussed me in the chat. It’s a game . I beat a lot of people and lose to a lot . Have friends in most clans and have people I enjoy smacking around in each clan. I was part of clan beef and even had my account stolen just like Wep. I got over it . It was my fault for giving out password. I had fun in all clans and continue to have fun regardless whether I play for fun or serious. It’s a game . It’s not life . My life is far more rewarding , exciting, and pays a hell of a lo t more than this game . I have had my bouts of frustration but overall seem to enjoy myself despite this management team and their shady practices . Be well and fight well EVERYONE


How is that fake? lol


Ultra fake. Mega fake. Epic fake. Legendary fake. Mythical fake.

Fake is fake.



I wonder if all people are this stupid. Now that I think of it, yeah, actually.


Damn you gave me a good laugh


They are more stupid than that…


I am working on a second heater . Wth with red rain being two uses ? I will hold onto it until the day before they make it awesome . Pretty much what they did with ARCHIMONDE except it is just better not awesome .