Feedback on (premium) heaters


Just a few words: thats a lot of magmas around, (Wep and PB are just around too)


they should all just merge and become one giant volcano


Do you want a thermal weapon nerf?
my only magma and so shoots no more than 280


Yeah the nerf on the minimum damage of magma blast is what hurt the must. Just stupid when my abomination outdamages my one shot weapon.


But that one shot weapon has benefits that abomination does not like cooling damage, cap damage, no energy cost


Now in the game it does not mean anything, the role is ONLY damage! and the damage from the magma is disgusting!
Top players have 600-600 energy-heat parameters. and 360-360 regen-cooldown.
so everything except damage doesn’t matter!


What about no energy cost

Would be more effective to have 3 magmas than 1 abo if you have no energy


Magma is not nightfall, so simply does not fall out!

How many millions of tokens should I spend to get 2-3 magmas? ten? 20? 1000 million?


most magma builds dont even have energy mods on so assuming a balanced mech is absurd

man i was wondering when these 1-use builds will dominate, and when burning shower came, the timer for a diamond shell torso began to tick


Cough cough, someone never played energy then…


Well, after shower came out, heat became a problem with this 2 pull top weapon…


Buff Magma Blast.


Yeah, my little bros file I am building up has a magma, deso, hb, and abolition. The abolition is the only thing requiring energy. I just need the op heat drone, and I can beat my most developed mech on my main that I have been working at for years. Why would you Nerf that? I mean a lucky file that has 3 solid months of game play and hit somewhat of the parts lottery can over power a player that had, at once spent a few bucks on this game. Laughable.


Wrong. Even with big heat stats, that thing is devastating after taking 3 hits plus shower.

I have a tough time against those shower builds even with my 3200 695/365 phys build.

Deny them range with the shower and they’re easy to defeat though, especially if they use HeatPoint cause they need to either redeploy drone or hop back.


My magma never can beat any mech with bunker.

Vs. Bunker, Magma is too weak. Bunker is the most OP weapon on this game. Bunker and Valiant combo is terrorific.

I say… magma needs more heat damage because cant reheat to anyone. All heat weapons except heat bomb needs more heat damage…!!


Thats also because of your resistances choices wep. You hang around with torso stock elec resistance.
Makes you overly weak to elecs, but thats also making you OP vs physical and heats… choices.
As for the dmg buff. Wep, lets be realistic, you hang around with shower/triple magma, that is 6 amunitions totally, and you can go through any builds… including 3000hp with ultrahot ptotector… now its not enough dmg for 6 rockets?? Lol


Great jokes :exclamation:





thats a lie


It actually is on a drained opponent. As owner of 3, I can confirm.

Side Weapons


Thats a lie cause its been nerfed right now.