Feature Battle Dawn on Kongregate

Games getting featured on Kong is very beneficial to most games. We’ve even seen it with Super Mechs. If you were to get it featured and get some more appealing icon art, I think it could be a very good thing for BD. Maybe have an admin run special events in the Kong Eras, host a Championship Era on Kong, or even the Zombie Event that @Carter suggested.

Thought they were already on Kong???

or they quit Kong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kong BD works diffrently from .com BD , i think if u talking about supermechs Kong is another gateway to login into Main supermechs , but in BD Kong BD and .com BD are whole diffrent servers and they are not merged like Supermechs.

I know but I’m talking about featuring the game on the front page of the website.

They did it with SuperMechs when they did the updated and it helped get a lot of players.

Supermech probably got featured because it got a huge update and a lot of money was spent on it and they went all out to make sure to pull the major chunk of players from anywhere. BUT…

In BD case they are not interested in doing any huge invested of money on this game , probably just 1 guy handling any kind of crashes and Ddos attacks. They are more interested in making the BD earth arena app succesfull which hasnt worked any good till now . As much i have heard they have even spent around 1 million on that app but the player base is still extremely low.

I like your intent and positive lookout to bring more players , but i dont see it working.

Lol They gave up on the game , atleast for now anyways, no one cares about it , it’s just a pile of glitch including ones that let you attack anywhere in 30 mins lol.

I guess I got the reason why they r trying to squeeze money out of us in SM, they must be trying to get back the 1M $$