Feather tournament (with reward) - come and join


I’m busy right now. 20char20


When do you have a free time?


Because many players are waiting for you!


Hey, it is still register time. We will play from next week.


why is next week?!?:frowning:


i need to get an epic torso,weapons and mods…
also can i join?


well ok that fine mate
make sure your tokens is enough to give the winner!:wink:


So, reward will be 250 tokens for winner.

Register deadline is Wednesday, don’t forget to send builds and of course you need to reply to my PMs


i wont to join please let meh in


Read rules and send your mech scrrenshots in PM


Good evening everyone. Currently we have 6 participants. If we reach 8 I will add 50 tokens to the reward for winner (so 300 in total). If we reach 16 participants (is it possible?) I will add another 100 tokens. Let’s do it!


Mate,how many participants do you have?




When do we start the battle?


Here we go guys!

You have 48 hours to do a battle. Better record fight (at least take some screenshots).

@Bahaeddine_Jaaouani vs @Trojan
@cyanine vs @TheBlackMan
@XL1Aomegac_gameplays vs @Yas999


Forgot to mention, pairs are random, but I guess there’s no need for evidences.

Winners will play against each other so we will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place known. Enjoy!


@XL1Aomegac_gameplays Online? :slight_smile:


Are you online?


I will PM you my mech for entry. (If I win, I would like half of the tokens to be given to @destroy8839III)


Too late mate,sorry you can’t