Feather tournament (with reward) - come and join


Btw what is the reward is it if he or she is a winner?


I will probably send tokens, still don’t know how many :slight_smile:


I updated post - reward will be 150-750 tokens to the winner!


But did all the weapons can use it?
Or some weapons will be banned?


Because some weapons is OP
Example: EPM,Heat boom,short range and shortly energy drone


As said in topic - legacy weapons are banned, and upgraded over lvl 1 epic weapons are not allowed too


Well,maybe I need to change my mech first


don’t feel like joining. Yet cool idea.


You forgot one important word there:
–> over lvl 1 EPIC weapons are not allowed

Otherwise someone might come with a lvl 1 myth. :grin:


Again right, lol. < 20chars >


I think it will work :slight_smile:


any banned weapons/drones aside from legacy items?


k i will join im also poor on tokens


You need to send screenshots in private message.


No banned weapons, but some ban itself for being superdamnheavyoneuse (EMP)

Use it, if you are brave ^^


Not to date, but still good ^^

I might make a new one, update, but later…^^


Who want to test my mech?


Where are you now?
You didn’t say anything!!!
What are you doing there?!?


Ha, It was you, I met you in the arena, you remember?..Yuo Echo?..


Yuuup. 20char20char20