Feather tournament (with reward) - come and join


Hello everyone!

Here we go with the first feather tournament.
Tournament is independent and organized just by me.

I’m not going to hide that it is inspired by GOAT tournament a lot. I really liked it and I hope my tournament will be as good as GOAT.

Enough talking here we go with rules:

                 Mech requirements:

-Items maximum level is lvl 1 epic. You can use and upgrade common and rares but epics must stay at lvl 1.
-Maximum 900 kg! It is feather tournament so weight limit is 900 kg (901 or more is not allowed).
-We fight 1vs1 so you need only one mech.

                        How to join:

-like this topic
-write a reply that you join tournament
-send me a PM message containing in topic only “my mech for feather” and screenshots of your mech in message.
Important - you need to do 1 screenshot in each category (body, side weapons, top weapons etc.) and every screenshot must contain overall stats of mech.
Update: also send you arena shop bonuses so I can check if you are not upgrading your modules!

There are no restrictions for arena bonuses, as I don’t have any good ideas what to do with them to make it more fair, nor I found any in the forums.

Registration time is one week. Then in 48 hours I will post who fights with who. After that you have 48 hours to do each stage.
RECORD YOUR FIGHT - it is very important, if your opponent try to do something illegal it will be better if you have it recorded.

I will send 150-750 tokens to the winner.
I’m really sorry I can’t tell you at the moment but I don’t how many I can afford. I will confirm as fast as possible. But don’t worry, 150 is minimum :slight_smile:


I will participate as well! As I can’t verify myself, my build is public. Also it is an example of how you do screenshots.


G - Greatest
O - Of
A - All
T - Time

F - For
E - Everyone
A - And
T - Those
H - Hoo
E - Enter
R - Rightnow


@LEGENDARY_MECH @Nemesis9 @El_Metre @L4K3

You may be interested, if no sorry for bothering you.


Why tag these specific people?


i dont know how to record,post videos and i got such bad luck…
would have loved to join…


These are ones that I have most likes from.


I might be interested.Basically a lighter GOAT challenge.

At the very least,I know this isn’t rigged as the original GOAT.

Though…What’s the prize?Perk or something?


As the tournament is independent reward isn’t perk.

I’m still not sure about reward, it will be probably tokens sponsored by me, but I don’t know how many I can afford.


It is easiest to do on phone. Just download mobizen app and try. You post videos to youtube and then send me a link.


I will join.

But first, let me see if the good ol’ module setup still works for this.


Add Me In!


Let see who can ever beat me!:stuck_out_tongue:


nice idea !! i’m in btw


Did you online now,let test mate!


You should also demand a screenshot of their arena bonuses to enter the tournament.
For example:
Someone could send you the info about his mech and then in the tournament he suddenly has 3-5 more Phys Res than in the screenshots that he sent to you.

There are 2 possibilities for that:

  1. possibility: He leveled up a protector from epic level 1 which is not allowed.
  2. possibility: He leveled up his Phys Res arena bonus which is allowed.

So to be able to check on that in case someone complains you should have a screenshot of the arena bonuses when they submit their mech with the stats.
Then you you could later ask for their current arena bonuses and check if their actual values during the tournament really come from the arena bonuses or if they leveled up a module.


send me pm ( i’m online we can try our mechs )


U offline!?!?!
I can’t fight with you!


noo i’m online


You are right! Thank you so much!