Favorite weapon battle

you only get to use 2 favorite weapon and one melee weapon back breaker or war hammer either top or side stomping is allowed
plus register how you registered for the goat tournament
also only epics level one
only snack void clash nemo torment hurlbat aloud
plus also post a mech pic 1 hp mod no resist mods only a charge and teleport and grapple hook
so lets get building
no heat bomb and emp
hers is an example

35 PM

  • lets get going
  • no

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I’ll fight you B O I


Look at those legs lol

extra thicc

I’ma make one, I has a lot of epics .-.

what time you want to fight

wait… can you use a shotgun instead of backbreaker or war hammer? or you can only equip those two as melee?

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You can use 2 weapons that are level 1 epics, you can choose anything yes, but not melee, then the ONLY melee you are going to equip are either Backbreaker or War Hammer

Ex : Scroll up to my post, you’ll see a pic of a mech

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i was only making sure, cause i dont really have lvl 1 of either so i was like “are shotguns melee?!”

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Nah, shotguns aren’t, that’s why they have shot"GUNS" in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

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Build something like this :


image Physical The legs are level 1 I swear, they’re just painted :stuck_out_tongue:

image Energy

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want to fight me?

I know I voted no but I just want to have a chance to beat you :stuck_out_tongue:

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just meet me in global if yes

OK. After this Imma unbox these babies