Favorite update?

Was wondering what everyone’s favorite update recently was. Let me know if I missed anything for an updated poll

  • Reloaded
  • Zarkares torso
  • Flaming Scope
  • Grave Diggers
  • Repulser
  • Armor destroyers
  • Vandal Rage
  • Claw
  • Autobot update
  • Raids
  • Forced 2v2
  • Arena coins shop
  • Clan rewards update
  • Mass select/Silver box update

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2v2 campaign will be included later once it is tested more

I bet the majority will be Autopilot

Yeah, autopilot update was amazing. I honestly don’t care that they lowered the fuel cap

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Can you do the same voting please, with giving points for every single update from 1 to 10 :question:

That would be very interesting :exclamation:



Wait for the new item coming out

I like the zakares =)

Autopilot,now I can grind while watching tv lol


You both forgot the “buff remove” update.

Autobot make’s me farmin ez.

I can’t edit the poll

Silver box update…I love that they nerfed them with every update and have made it more tedious to make and progress on your mechs. In fact they nerfed them so much that I quit.

The most liked update is the autobot.

I think it’s pretty bad given that the autobot is pretty dumb…

The most reason we think we like bot is just because he does farm.
It’s pretty my fav…cause i can relax af boi.
better than doing it by myself.

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I also forgot to say that i like 2x time…pretty much can’t spend more time on the game.

Where is the new campaign?

Still waiting for that decepticon update…

Oh wait that claw portal was deceptive enough

How about all versions until the shop was been removed?