Favorite NBA team/player?

So im bored and just beating off nuggets doing nothing so just putting this out there, Who is your favorite NBA team or favorite NBA player and why?
I’ve been a huge Celtics fan since the big three and still am to this day! I loved Pierce in his prime and loved seeing the fierce competition between the Celtics and the Lakers or Pierce vs Lebron. I have always found myself pulling for eastern teams for no real reason in particular. My favorite player has gotta be Mr. 4th quarter himself, Isiah Thomas. I like the short little shit cuz golly jeepers batman can he play some basketball. Just being his size and being in the NBA is awesome let alone his actually ability is insane.

Any team that LeBron is on is a team that i support, then of course i support my hometown team the Wizards. LeBron’s just the GOAT, at the very least hes top 2 all time.

While Thomas tears it up on offense he just gets torn apart on defense, a few weeks ago he was rated as the worst defender in the league not sure about now but you just can’t build your team around a player that gives up that many points, IE Harden, before this year he never played defense, and this year he elevated his offensive play and tries on defense, probably gunna win MVP at this point.

I like lebron but always gotta put Jordan above him and maybe even Kobe. I also agree with the lack of defense from Thomas and from all the Celtics in general. Id love for them to drop smart or crowder in a trade from a big defensive man to hold the inside.

I have been a Spurs fan since birth haha.

Parents from San Antonio. Gotta love the sustained excellence and the ability to tactically recruit, play smart basketball, and never be selfish.

Dude i gotta respect Pop, i mean just watching them takes me back to old school film watching teams. And then seeing the growth of Kawhi has to be from such an amazing coach and then the support around him

Yeah Kawhi is a fantastic player, but it’s hard for me to imagine him being at the level he is without Pop and Duncan mentoring him. It’s just such a great system that the spurs run from top to bottom.

Absolutely agree, he is one of the only players in history for his ppg to go up literally every single season he in the league

If you are a celtics fan you gotta be excited about IT. Im a small dude so hes my NBA spirit animal

Oh yeah im borderline midget at 5 foot 3 so seeing a 5 foot 9 guy go at it really gets my bone sword flapping

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Los Angeles Lakers fan but I have enjoyed the current Warriors/Cavs rivalry. My favorite active player is Westbrook.

Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

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i would never put kobe even int he same sentence as lebron, Kobe is a top 20 all time, maybe top 10, LeBron is top 2 you can argue top 5 but no lower. Shaq was the main reason Kobe won most of his rings, although not to discredit Kobe he was a beast, an amazing iso player who could put any game on his back, but he just didnt make his team better

Tim Duncan is the greatest Franchise Player of all time. Greatest PF ever.

Kobe has 3 with shaq and 2 without, id say prime shaq was indead a major help, but he was not the only factor

You are right not to put Lebron on the same sentence as Kobe. Kobe is a legend, James is still developing into one. By the end of his career he should be one as well.

Lebron won his first titles with Wade and Bosh. He won his next title with Irving Love. James hasn’t won on his own, so why knock Kobe for having Shaq?

I’m not just knocking Kobe for having Shaq, I’m just saying as a player LeBron is just simply better, in every facet of the game except in pure scoring. I was never a basketball fan of back then and only really started following the NBA when LeBron moved to Miami so I’m just going off of what I’ve read and from opinions it looks like Kobe was not a top 10 player all time. While LeBron is already a top 5 player all time.

On the 2nd hand i LOVE sports debates, any sport basketball, football, soccer

The game was a lot different when kobe was in his prime, and i was watching back then so i would def. say kobe was superb and def. a top 5 all time.

Thing is i have him as the 2nd best SG of all time, the GOAT, Kobe then possibly Wade, but being the 2nd best SG of all time doesnt mean hes top 5 my personal top 10 is

  1. MJ
  2. LeBron
  3. Kareem
  4. Wilt
  5. Magic Johnson
  6. Larry Bird
  7. Tim Duncan
  8. Bill Russel
  9. Shaq

I’d put kobe in the 11-20 range

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I’d put Karl Malone before Duncan, he was way more skilled in different ways offensively and had a wide variety of shots he could use unlike Duncan who had just the baby and running hooks for most of his career, just my opinion, @LeBoink

Nope, not even debatable. Duncan is a superior defender, scorer and all around player.

Duncan won five championships, Malone, zero.

Duncan is unilaterally recognized by every commentator, sports website, and intelligent NBA fan as the greatest PF to ever play, and one of, if not the best NBA franchise player ever.