Favorite forum member?


Well, while I was out, I was thinking of maing this topic to appreciate some of the nice people on this forum. So thought I would make this topic where you could say your favorite and say some nice things about them

Note: There should be no insults or derogatory statements here. Even if you disagree with someones choice, try not to argue about it please. It would ruin the whole kind nature of it.

My choice is @lordgorgon, and I’m sure @L4K3 agrees. Not only did he give much of his time helping me with my builds, but he is also very understanding, kind, and never escalates into flame wars on the forum, always keeping his cool and diffusing situations. Keep at it dude!


This is quite literally the idea Wepwawet had a while back that turned into a flame war.

Do be careful Yung Mentos


I won’t say because I can’t really choose…
(Plus,I wouldn’t name just 1 person,like I would forget about the rest).

But yeah,@lordgorgon definitely takes a gold medal from me :slight_smile:



I don’t know why but my favourite person in the forums is @Nemesis9.

Great words, great person, no fights, just lovely in general.


i dont know so many great people to choose from


would be @Zarkares if he was still around. he was my little buddy.

idk who it would be now.


Well, it was about contributions

If a flame war starts, this thing is over, cause it only causes fighting.

I will also take note of who starts it. If it is clearly on purpose, and by a repeated offender, it is a violation of the rules of the forums, and that mods might take notice


Does anyone here even acknowledge my existence

I guess I’m just here… lurking in the shadows


i know you exist we know you are there chill i also got never mentioned to yo will get yor spot light some day that day has not come for me yet


I don’t know why either but my favourite person is @Transcendant
And @Antonio_Ortega


Peasants, i’d say.

@Alexander on the top of the top.


Ihy go eat ass who u is.


@L4K3 :blush:


No waaay :laughing:
I’m honoured to hear,really!






I’d say @Yeet

We need a poll.




■■■■■, when’s the last time you spammed me with your degenerate weeb porn?


May i explain why not you @L4K3?

The reason is that because you are an reguluar.Not an memeber.

Sorry for ya.
Ukljucujuci tebi @Skiller-Legendary Moras nekome drugog.


i have a couple. heres my favs: KilliN, Uchiha Madara, L4K3, Taco_Gamer, Winz_Kay, Maxy, and last but not least, me LUL.


I see what you did there!

Lol,you don’t have to explain yourself.I’m glas I’m still somewhere sround there :laughing:
Thank you!

Thank you too,MCG!
I’ll continue trying to live up to your expectations,guys.That was a boost of ambition :slight_smile: