Favorite clan flags


22 PM

Here’s my current favorite. I always liked using the Bull insignia in my clans; it makes for a very unique clan flag if you know how to use it properly.

Personally, I don’t like any of the listed clan flags. Some of them are getting a little old IMHO.


Sorry… u are not my master, my model or my mother… So if I said “objective” is objective. I know why I think that.


07 AM
of course its mine


“Thinking” and “being” are 2 difference things :exclamation:

You can’t be objective sitting in that clan you praise and you play for :exclamation:

Just a fact, if you like it or not :exclamation:
Therefor is the word “subjective” :exclamation:


P.S.: also your own words “If I have to be …” indicates that you can’t see it from an objective side :exclamation:



I smell roasting.


I like flag of Hli’s clan. I guess it’s a lion …



It does look like an lion!


nostalgia purposes ^^


I have seen another flag that is the head of a snake … I also like it!

Is here anyone here from the snake’s clan who can show it?


Would it be 4Q? It was Cpt. Kill’s clan back in the day but it usually couldn’t reach the top 3. . .


Did you…in the past…saw a clan who has snake on it?

The leader was me just you know.(It’s green,black and red isn’t it?)


I often play with someone from the snake clan … but now I don´t remember who …


Is it red,green and black?


It’s red on a black background …


When was that tell me?
Before reloaded?


The last week…


can we change the flag? but I prefer to stay even flag


Soo it’s not mine…


Into a what boss?


me the boss: grosbite