Favorite clan flags


Which clan flag is your favorite? Also, do you have favorite flag that isnt listed here?

  • 1 Littlelost your lost’s flag
  • 2 Reign Reforged’s flag
  • 3 Hard to kill’s flag
  • 4 Trolls fast’s flag

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I think I dont need to add pictures of clan flags, because everyone can see them with just few clicks in SM :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing some freshness to the forum. Last time player profile, now that.

Cheers to you gold @Marija




I have no idea.

Mogao si na mom Q&A

Ali nema veze ;D


I think everyone is bored of game drama, so I thought about making some more fun topics since types of players went good :slight_smile:


Mogla* :slight_smile:
Pa tamo niko ne bi video hahahaha


Wheres Bound To Black :frowning:


Post flag here
20 ccc


DDDDDD ninguna


Why you put numbers before the Clan names :question:


I can change it to letters ABCD if you like it more lol


How about only the Clan names :question:



If I have to be objective, I always liked Lyll logo, even when I was not Lyll. It has warm colors and combination is very beautiful.

Second the logo of HTK, although to 2 colors almost doesn´t notice the motif, is a skull?

Reign is too dark, blue and black are fighting and Trolls Fast as it depresses me a bit gray.


My obsession with numbers, I ll remove them if that bugs you


You mean … “If I have to be subjective, …” :exclamation:

You are in Llyl, so to use the word “objective” makes no sense in this case :exclamation:



Marija obsessed with Numbers …

… enjoy :exclamation:



Is that bad for you?


Nooooo … it is good for Marija :exclamation:

I :sparkling_heart: numbers :exclamation:

Marija :sparkling_heart: chocolate :exclamation:



My favorite numbers, made of chocolate :muscle:


I hope you don’t eat me when you think of chocolate.

Also we are off topic.We need to still talk about this topic


I would like to have your confidence lol

lets go back to topic