Fathers day special portal

How about one?

I thought there should have been one for Mothers day as well.

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same but not really
if your a good father you wouldnt be playing the game so much today (to fathers)
and to a good mother the same goes


I know you’re just a kid, but that’s a very wise thing to say… Children should always come first ahead of video games :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


I am only 13.who is younger than me

Legally no one.


You have to be 13 or over lol

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sorry but i played SM when i was 11


Maybe it’s only for being on the forums…

like, what 11 year old doesn’t play games?

my small brother is just 5 he plays SM and know every thing

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me! when i was 11, not even computers existed yet (sort of…)…

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im 15
soon to be 16!