"Fastest Way" to physical Resist drain your opponent

Fastest way meaning…the drone that has highest Physical drain and weapons with highest drain and does good damage atleast.

w/ Mighty Cannon to do “Always” massive damage…unlike Frantic Brutes…that has a chance of Very low damage

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I like this idea , achieving maximum efficiency S U C C

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The “issue” with going for drain the physical Resistance is …

  • during the 2 - 3 turns you go for a good drain about your opponents physical resistance, you take to much damage from your opponent to win that battle


Means once you drained your opponent good enough about physical resistance, you have no time left to kill your opponent off :exclamation:

Thats why most players use high-damage physical weapons, which have a drain included :exclamation:


since you are already not taking this build seriously anyway , may as well as replacing that top spartan with a frantic brute , the amount of negative resist you do would entirely remove the frantic’s flaw entirely anyway.

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I understand, atleast Mighty Cannon helps out at long range just in case

That’s why I said…even though with extremely low negative Physical Resist.

It might just not do 600-500-400-300 damage…

-BUT OP when luck hits

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i’d love it if @CleverName tested out builds like these some time in the future. Of course, they would ZUCC in top ranks, but just for fun.


Imagine Frantic Brute hitting nearly the same force as a falcon , wooh mama


it does that regardless of resist lol

How to achieve maximum drain? That’s easy, double spartan carnage + solar torch. Your opponenr won’t stand a chance.


Double Spartans. 30 drain + Decent damage. Along with a drone that has at least 5 drain for a maximum of 35 drain. It works against people with a max resistance of 117 and will need assistance of armor annihilator at 145 but you can kill

Nope, double spartan doesn’t need an armor annihilator. I got shredded using a 3000+ HP mech with 145 armor without a problem.


Well that depends if the enemies you’re fighting against are people that only knows how to stand still and fire like a turret or someone that moves out of the way of the spartan attacks

I try to test out fun builds, but definitely prefer if they are Rank 1 fun builds :slight_smile:


You can’t try to move out of range for 3-6 range weapons. You’re just wasting turns while your enemy is getting all the damage in.

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I will call it the Golden Shower build
That spellbook decreases enemy defence by 20 though it deals kinda low damage
And since physical has golden colour…

don’t worry,it sprays Ichor


I know something else that’s called “Golden Rain” if you get where I’m coming at

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You may want to rename that…


Ey,not my fault it’s called like that!

Idk what the devs had in mind,though ichor is considered to be the blood of Gods,according to Greek myths,so 100% family friendly :))))))))))