Faster campaing

Can you make on normal difficulty on all bosses that you can do 10x times campaing e.It will cost energy if you do Energy cost x 10 and you will get money and exp for 10x same mission.

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i didnt completely understand u but i guess i know what u want
i send an idea to devs "Golden ticket"
a ticket that let u instaclear any already passed lvl and get full reward, instead of defeating a boring level over and over again
it could be buyed with tokens and also aquired on login reward instead of stamina bonus

its what i think dude

Why not just make a 5second simulator where it simulates all the fights and gives us reward if we win :exclamation: :question:

I don’t understand the point of this update ! Is it to make players play less? Idk


after defeating same lvl 200 times tell me if u dont get bored
i think this auto make us lazy xD but its helpful if u r bussy

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Sounds like a Horrible Idea tho…