Farming guide for noobies


Please tell me how to grind gold and better items here. I’m currently farming RAMBOY it has good drops so far mostly common and sometimes rare but its good for upgrade and gold too. Im farming RB because its fast and easy


If you want real money try grinding OD6 on hard or insane


Currently it gives somewhat 7000 gold and 14000 XP on hard and 8000 gold and 19000xp


its hard to anwser because we dont know your mech and your current goal so if you want help post a picture of your mech and were you currently are on campign :wink:


Yeah that’s true!!! …


Also on a sidenote, I’m sure someone did a “Grinding for Dummies” guide some time ago…

Can’t find it…


OD6 im kinda confused with abbreviations lels :v


Overlord’s den 6, if you are farming Ramboy then I don’t think you are there yet.


Farm OD6 insane or 2v2 BB normal. If you can’t do either, then you suck.


I just ground Ramboy for 68 fuel, I didn’t even get a fortune box so Epics and Legendaries are out of the picture. Damn…