Farming conclusion

I farmed Ramboy for 30 runs on normal, and got 1 fortune box, 25 mix boxes, and 4 runs with nothing.

So from my testing, it seems that normal for RB has almost a guaranteed chance of giving you a mix box, but has a much lower chance compared to insane RB for a fortune box.

I did only 15 runs on insane RB last time, and got 3 fortunes, but not as near as many mixes.

The only other variable was my rank. This time, I was rank 13 instead of 12, but I doubt 1 rank would make this much of a difference.


This is a very good advice for those who waste time on grinding insane bigboy.

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its actually pretty hard to grind insane bigboy with auto pilot on the line.

I’m sure that you can’t farm insane bigboy either.

hhahahhahahhahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahha would a god look into it?

I mean good advice (200000)