Farewell for now


As my clanmates and close friends from the lounge know, I am currently attending an online charter school called k12. However, I will be returning to brick and mortar school for my senior year. That means that the laptop I have been using for school and gaming will be returned at the end of this month. I just wanted to say goodbye to you all in advance because I don’t know when I will have to pack it up.
I have made some great friends who have cared about me and encouraged me to be better, and I hope I have done the same. I have been in a few clans trying to find my place, one even being one lead by a friend who goes by the name RazGriz. I encountered @Powtaito, @Shabbadoo52, and a few others in the clan Troll Masters!, and made some friends in my short time there. I finally found my place in BTB after a few months of being clanless, and am sad to be leaving. I miss @SeanChoi1870, who was kind and one of the best people I have met in quite some time, tho he has already left. I met the most amazing leader, @L4K3, and made some amazing friends, like @WinzKay, @Pleasurebot3000, @Rikka, @YGGM, @trophy435, and @HBSummer18, formerly known as Yeet.
This is not a goodbye, tho. It is more of a “I have to leave for a short time, but I promise I will return.”
I am getting a job this June at the local WalMart. I will have saved up enought money to buy a phone, and I will download SM asap and get on the forum once again to see you all again.
I hope to see you all again then, and I wish you a good day…




bye and welcome back :slight_smile:


Ill bb sit your account and fuse all your myths… jk


Good luck @MrC3214! I hope you finish your schooling without problems. :blush:

Also, K12? Like Kindergarten - 12th Grade High? That seems interesting.


Love you,Cody!

We’ll meet again and,when we do,I hope you will tell me how good your time was.I want to see how you’ve matured and what life experience you have gained.

Best of luck!


Is it just me or am I excited for Cody’s return already?


Thank you for wishing me luck. Also, K12 is an educational company that provides supplies for students to use for an Online Virtual Academy…


Love you to Bro! Thanks for the love and support throughout my time here on the forum, and we will meet again shortly. I just have to wait till the end of June to start, and then I can save about $50 to get the phone I want :wink:


That makes me so happy. Im not even gone yet, and I see this! Thanks Winz. This shows me I did have an impact on you guys :blush: