Fantasy 3 General Discussion

Seems no one made a general discussion for the current Fantasy 3, so I decided to make one. Feel free to post all things F3 related here

Its a tradition to put up a screenshot of the first tick

well it is a little past the first tick :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go :slight_smile:

The first one I uploaded still had radar range and alliance orders on it haha…oops :stuck_out_tongue:

haha you can’t see us as we are hidden in the corner :see_no_evil:

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hahaha guys f3 get a lot of boosters

and who play fair leaves the game as seeing so much cheaters

who is cheating and how?

I think he’s just salty

Anyone want to share who the teams are? Who is winning, who is fighting?


yeah sure here we go :slight_smile:

Within just a few minutes of me posting this actually, RIP started to attack DSNY. We will see what happens because the last time somebody attacked DSNY (looking at you GeNw) they got absolutely wrecked.

So a classic west vs east war eh. Please share more pics, battle reports etc. Good luck all

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First 10 ticks and we get this

DSNY top RIP bottom

Nice kill by RIP. Was it a trap?

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nt a trap at all if it is trap RiP hasn’t lost so much units because they have CAVS they killed .

nothing like trap is there @gaurav bro why BATTLE DAWN GALAXY IS NOT OPEINING

Quick little update here

DSNY got teamed up on by a few alliances including DIE, RIP, GoT, and FUN.

And here we have the winners :slight_smile:

What a great war between the alliances. Made for an interesting era!