Fantasy 2 - WHO will win?


Hey Guys, A new era started on Fantasy 2 this week, under the Supreme Pie Lord Admin Joe.
Who do you think will win this era, and who do you think the major battles will be with etc?

All speculation is welcome! Lets start this new forum off with a bang!



[TWO] of course, I mean who can really stand up against us? :stuck_out_tongue:


Time To Plant on F2 and show you the Ultimate Troll team :innocent:


But I’m not there! How could it possibly be the ultimate troll team! :smirk:


Ahahahah no thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Well You will have to join :smiley:


Naah, You guys really dont have to, I have it under control :wink:


Lol me and pantera joined to mess around