Fantasy 2 Era 79

Fun world :wink:

Currently it’s PIGS vs SB

who will win I wonder :thinking:

SB ofc

We already know who will win…

Shame this war lasted so little was hoping more from SB…

Hope war with TEC will be better and not finish in 1 day…

Unfortunate. SB had completely map control last week.

oh shat up

you had allies

You had all map so shhh pls stop crying and play game


Do as Durdina says! All hail Durdina!!!


blah blah blah, your end is nigh

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pigs proving skill and activity beats power


pigs proving stabbing and using allies beats power

Chuck…some of the players in PIGS have been playing this game since you were in diapers…your team is making nooby mistakes every tick.

You’re gonna have to learn how to fly your squads without dying, and stop blaming your losses on other people.

At the end of the era, it doesn’t matter who used what tactic. Some players are terrible at war but amazing at making allies and manipulating people. This is part of the game. Diplomacy, lies, agreements and backstabs are part of this game. They aren’t cheating. They are tactics used to win. Its not against the rules to make allies. If someone out-talks you or beats you to diplomacy, that’s your fault. This game has more levels than you are currently understanding.

Right now it seems like you want Army to be the only thing that matters in war…but first of all, it isn’t. And second, you’re not really that great at using your army yet anyways, even if it was.

Basically, stop complaining, and fight. If your enemy has allies, get more allies, or kill theirs.

Or, die.


no i was just ichsnaying toppy’s statement

But you’re wrong. Skill does beat power, and you’re seeing it right now. I’m not even playing this era and I’ve watched SB make terrible nooby mistakes. You are literally killing yourselves with bad tactics.

Alright dude, I did what I could and I tried to help you.

On M1 I told you that you could gain a lot by joining Seth and learning the game. Its clear that you have no idea what you’re doing.

You scoffed at the idea, and now he’s killing you.

If you aren’t going to realize you need a mentor or a teacher, and you actually think you’re good at this game and you just keep losing because of other people, then there’s nothing more we can do for you.

Unfortunately, you’re going to end up another cocky noob who eventually gets tired of losing, and quits.

It isn’t other people’s fault. You are losing. You need to realize that you don’t know what you’re doing, and ask someone more experienced for some help. It’s a shame, because you seem active ingame and in the community, and we like to keep people like that around. But you cant go losing every era and constantly whine and complain that it isn’t your playing that’s to blame, its the cheap tactics of the other alliances.

I did put out of the offer to help :confused:

I think i was a bit rash with some of those hehe

really it’s all smack talk, no real hard feelings it was logical of pigs to stab

We didnt stab anyone. No agreement was ever made. Dj made it clear from the beginning that we had no allies and no NAPs with anyone. A stab is when both sides agree to something and one side breaks it. Dj never agreed to anything. And silence isnt an agreement.


It isn’t smack talk.

Your people are launching 8-12 tick ETAs in enemy territory and then wondering why they’re dying.

This betrays a basic lack of understanding of BD flight tactics at the fundamental level.

I’m not trying to make fun of you. I’m trying to help you because you seem active and like you want to be here. It’s just baffling to me that you laugh at my suggestion to learn this game from Seth, then when he kills you, you act like it’s not your fault.

8-12 wtf?

I never did that give proof