Family alliances to battle it out?


Since this current M1’ kinda fell through , what does the community think about having an era where several family alliances plant and battle it out on a 1 ticker?

The only issue is availability ;L


real qustion is which teams have all there players with enough time to go for it i am guessing none or maybe one always was the issue with organizing these things since if an alliance comes half assed wouldnt be good for there rep


A sorta “Family Royale”. I would be in for it. Would have to be E1 tho. And I wouldnt want some BS like TLA AND SOL COMING TO M1, and then not showin up bs


Yawn which team do we gotta take down? #SAIL


Jazz, you would get rekt if either TLA or SoL actually showed up.


May be a problem. Some peeps play in two big teams and cant join both


yeah bd incest :large_blue_diamond:


Let’s do next E1. Should be a good one.


need the teams tho ,mine personally cant play ;(


I don’t even have a family either. I just want the game to be competitive again :frowning:


Kaen didnt my team carry you recently?


No one carries kaen, he’s too good


Make a new family tag… jeez, ya’ll act like you have to find one that exists :joy: How do you think they’re made in the first place! It takes work to keep the same people playing era after era :slight_smile: Why do you think it’s such a feat when they actually make a name for themselves :wink:


Good Call, anyone want to join my Family?


Dont leave me ;(…


Lol Jazz noob, nobody carried me ever. Swerve, ho. Stop trying to flirt with me. That’s weird, dude.


You are mistaken, just Kaens presence carries their egos


Jazz noob, how many likes does my post have? And how many does yours? Even more proof that im right


Kaen is a thicc weeb.

His argument always wins.


U should be happy that they didnt show up cause your own teammates are saying that FLUX is trash and if TLA or SoL showedup , u would been rekt. And that every single word is coming from your teammates , not even like from the enemy or outsider.