Familiar faces ingame


Lole all u ppl playing against each other all the time, but i just had my first encounter. Came across @Erik_Huang lmao


It felt different from just playing ordinary arena fights when i knew who the other pilot is


I started trying to play again two days ago :smile: Once I get another mythical, I’ll stop playing again.


well i stat playing again after 1 month of inactivity, Nothing chanced much… I’m sad i rlly hope it will change in the next month but i think i should start playing to see this version 9.9


lol i have only ever gone up against elcent and toxic oh and dwight




what? i am in dwights clan and toxic was a messed up ranking system elcent was a fun battle.

oh yeah i have fought fluffeh and namy too

have i missed anything?


You fought against @Erik_Huang 's mythical invisible mech? Was it as OP as we all guessed?

I sometimes meet Dwight in ladder. I once found Toxic and there’s ImmortalHunter, too.

Then there’s the regular folks who I usually meet because we seem to progress at the same time.