Fallen CoMrade -


CM has left the server


She’s on Holiday


It’s already 2019 lmao.
I have doubts she’s on holiday.

Last seen was Nov 18.


doesn’t usually a holiday last at most a month


Hell maybe she got preggers and needed time off of this place


All I say …

9 months … its a 9 months-“thingy” :exclamation:



Nice Pleasurebot! You might be right lol

She’s possibly pregnant


It does happen to women occasionally lol


we will just have to see when she gets back


I wouldn’t mind if she didn’t come back-this community is a toxic place and probably a lot of work to control


yah i guess so makes sense and for one fact i know toxicity can only be prevented not destroyed bt can be reduced its like and endless wave of plagues coming in only way to not have it happen is to not do the stuff that might or will make it happen