Fair Play in Super Mechs (?)

I am having this unexplainable feeling, “something’s fishy’s going on” feeling to be exact. Mainly because I am fighting people with highly fused legendary items. I am already struggling to fuse one legendary item to level 15, and my highest fusion level in a legendary item is 14. (my average legendary item fusion is about 3-7). who I assume uses level 20+ legendary items, because of how high the damage, heat, or energy it deals, in the same rank as I am. I’ve greatly improved my re-roll account through effort while enjoying it. Too bad these kind of mechs kinda ruins it for me. And there are worse people than myself, so how do you think would they feel about this?

PS. Please remove the feature of box prices’ increading each time you buy one.

What rank are you ???

Excuse me but when was this game ever fair to f2p?

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@W.P.O.T.W, I’m consistently Rank 10.

@TechnoDive, Yes, I know how unfair P2W games can be to us free players. But I highly doubt people in my rank will already be pouring alot of investments in this game already.

If game is free then there have to be microtransactions or the game would not have servers, updates etc.

Yeah, this is sort of a progression limiter, there… heh.

You could be encountering people that got de-star’d at the start of each tournament?

Another issue could be that they intentionally dropped ranks to get a better chance at winning fights. Or, they could have had a terrible previous match-up and got set back way too much.

I hope nothing fishy is going on.