Factions Event Feedback


Hello everyone,
As promised, here is a topic in regards to the Factions event to get feedback and suggestions, should we ever try to hold a similar event again. Please share any and all criticism on the EVENT ITSELF. I ask that you do not focus on individuals. You can never fully control people, but we CAN control the rules and how the event itself works to try to improve.

So first, please answer the below poll so I can get a general idea of how people felt overall

  • Enjoyed and would play again
  • Enjoyed, but would not play again
  • Did not enjoy, but would play again
  • Did not enjoy and would not play again

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As for what we as the organizers noticed, we saw the following as issues and their possible fixes:

1. If your faction loses, there’s no longer anything to do

Possible Solution(s)
1. If Faction leader is conquered (by another faction, not a betrayer) the faction will get disbanded and re-randomized into all the other Factions (using an algorithm to spread the players based on rank among the remaining teams)

2. Number of players leaders had to organize were overwhelming

Possible Solution(s)
1. Split the Factions up into more teams based on number of players.
2. Give Faction leaders more co-leads to bring with them for assistance

3. Rewards based on top 50 individual ranks encouraged building over warring

Possible Solution(s)
1. Top faction gets rewards (but could end up being a LOT of players)
2. Top individuals in the WINNING faction get rewards

4. Leaders power was more than just figurehead

Possible Solution(s)
1. Remove the ability for leads to kick or make it extremely costly to do so (i.e.- 500 energy to boot 1 member)

5. How Faction Leads are chosen

Possible Solution(s)
1. Leader is voted to be in charge at tick 50, whomever is most powerful on the world becomes the first leader with 1 vote.
2. Allow for community based votes for leads who volunteer

6. Factions being created at tick 50 was messy

Possible Solution(s)
1. Increase the tick pause time for people to place their colonies and then do the randomization immediately upon tick start

7. It took forever to get into a Faction when I joined late

Possible Solution(s)
1. More attention via admin running event
2. Multiple admin's run and cycle to keep activity high
3. Set up a specific time daily for randomizer to go into effect

Please tell me if there are any other issue’s you’d like to be addressed in the above and I will add it. Please remember, this is for constructive criticism in order to help make this kind of event better for the future. Please do keep in mind however, even if a solution seems good, sometimes it simply cannot be done unfortunately.


I think the map caused a bit of a problem too.

If you were able to create a map which would give players more safety/time to build, prepare and at the same time gives other factions time to organize.


Solution could be:
Once you are placed in a faction you would be relocated within a 48 tick radius of your leader. From there you have the opportunity to expand towards other factions.

This event caused a lot of early ally agreements, coz everyone worried about their alliance players location.


I’ll break down my opinions on what should be changed, its late and I’m kind of groggy after this whole era tho since 3 tickers aren’t my style so I may have grammar and spelling issues :frowning: (#'s correspond to the ones above btw)

I think that this would be cool actually, it adds a certain pressure on the leader to stay on top of things.

I would rather give them more co-leads, as well as make the leaders from certain factions all not friends, that didn’t happen this time (at least between the “real” leaders :\ ) , but it would be a shame if it did.

I think you should do it clash of clans style, and split the reward between the top players in a faction. However faction leaders can report all the players who did work, so people don’t feel cheated over rewards.

The “leaders” of the factions were almost all figureheads except for, funny enough, Jazz and Skip. I would recommend that leaders have to confirm with the era organizers before kicking people.

I think that both of these solutions could cause problems, so I think that it would be better for the faction to be run by multiple co’s and that more people could be asked to lead (there are a lot of people who could have done a good job, not throwing shade at PSI :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah it was, a good way to do this would be to

  1. Plan it so the Admins and Faction leaders will all (or mostly if we have more co’s) be on
  2. Set up the factions before hand just have the leaders in protection (which they were already)

I noticed this was an issue yeah, people kept broadcasting about needing to join.

I like solution 3, but make sure that the time is well known.

To just add some random things…

  1. at the start people had no idea about the details of the era, idk how to force them to read but it would have saved E if they had a better connection to the forums.
  2. uhh the PSI stuff. ik a lot has been said already about it (whew lad) but the main issue is that it affected a lot more people than the actives that stabbed LAN. It completely screwed up our new player dynamic we had. Speaking of that (sorry if I’m rambling at this point) is that from what I heard we were the only faction with enough actives and dedication to work new players into our wars and fighting. I know Iceman and PLO used their teammates to help them fight against STRK and BAR respectively but it wasn’t the same level we had.

mmhm I liked it, I was angry a lot with the whole ‘incident’, but all in all I guess it was pretty good. just a tad messy. No way I would have done the test era like this, I would have asked a bunch of people to try out all the systems and features on RC or smth idk (I know you guys opened it to do something :wink: ) .

Anyway thanks for reading that’s my 2 cents. Going on a break after the era ends seeyaa. Shout out to BAR and to Josh + Tom for making this possible.
(sorry if i got anything wrong, correct me)

edit: I know RC is different because you can’t predict what would happen on it, just a suggestion I guess.


I was on the STRK team and when LAN started with the nukes it was terrible. It became: boring, demoralizing, abused, lack of motivation to play, laggy. After STRK was finished i would have wanted to join another team or something to at least have a purpose. The people in the STRK alliance cant do anything, if you just move units you will get a nuke 5 times.

I would also prefer more teams 50-75 each. It adds more competition and it puts less of a burden on the leaders.

Congrats on all leaders for trying to manage that cluster …


Agreed, we think the above solutions we set will be good fixes to ensure no one is left out of the fun for too long moving forward :slight_smile:
However, if you feel there are other ways, please feel free to list.


Better if there are 6 teams with just 50 or 75 player in each. To many player dont get a chance to join the event and its also decided who won when LAN destroy STRK in early tick. Maybe if someone got kicked from any alliace, should be a 72 ticks also before he can join any allie. The server always crash esp when the relics released or garissons and thats a big prob esp. Each team should have limits also in building nukes, its too abusive like what we(LAN) did to STRK.

And for any player who quit/backstab and ruin any allies/ teammate should be prevented to attack any OPs for 24 ticks by taking oil with the help of 3 admins. Maybe its hard but should try if can.


no allies, no rewards, dif map and 2 days inactive ppl get kicked…

And yeah better make it 50-60 per team

I really dont care who leader is cuz if there are no allies no one can stop you from attacking anyone


@Djina your so mean :joy: but i like the 2 days of inactive.


try smoething different, nothing but spies , ofr the heavy boosters looking to score points…n mines, sp we are to pay for resources?

heres an idea, start everyone off with all levels built , and a havok type resouces…

then it woould be more fun! every starts with an equal level…

and move bases seperate corners!

have the leaders of the fractions, pick an area, like picking numbers from a hat…
no changing allainces, no kicking or droppping team, leaders have the choice of dropping a playe completley out of the era…maybe a spy, or not playing…


well it would be better if no one spied and played fair

Forgot to say alos players who do nothing for 2 days also to be deleted or kicked out cuz prob is a multi or spy


Unfortunately it’s literally impossible to get people not to spy


Team have 50+ ppl and not all like to play like that so they can report if they know someone spy

I would report my team mate if he was getting info from another team


I think at the start the major qualm was regarding income.

Since most of the bot colonies were released between tick 1 and tick 50, and no one was in a team yet at that point, the only ones to be able to conquer some bot colonies were those that boosted to get an army in these early ticks. Granted, some might have been able to take some bot colonies that were defenseless without having to boost, but in that case one of the big boosters near you would be able to just conquer you and take them from you.

Combine this with the fact that once tick 50 occurred and people were put in teams relocation was made extremely cheap and easy, and what you get is that 90% of the bot colony income goes to those that boosted heavily at the start. Since the bot colonies only started to delete around tick 950, this was an era-long advantage that really hurt most of us that don’t boost.

Furthermore, there was no way AT ALL to make up for this during any stage of the era. Conquering those that boosted heavily was impractical if not impossible (taking PLO as an example, we’ve killed him a fair amount of times but he just kept relocating away) and taking territory gave no advantage whatsoever as there were no resource OPs. This, to me, made the era a bit of a weak version of Battledawn, since normally gaining territory rewards you with more income and all it did in this case was give you more to defend, force you to have more worker upkeep due to the outposts you need for the larger territory, while not getting anything for it in return.

That to me was the largest problem. We had a lot of good players, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re fighting people with 30+ squads each while you all have 6. A possible solution for this would be to release at least SOME metal mines to make it worth fighting over, and to, as suggested, have teams from tick 1 so that you can use teamwork early on to try and get at least some conquers. Another fix would be to have bot colonies delete more rapidly, have them rebel sometimes randomly, or have them placed spread out more evenly over the era rather than the all at once we had on this era.

It can be argued this did not exactly stop BAR despite the fact we had about 1 booster (go Babykong go) but that, honestly, was because our team had really good coordination/teamwork.

As for the points you mentioned:

I kind of think this should not be seen as such a problem if the other problems (incentives) are fixed or if we could change the mindset people have (for eras like this anyway) regarding battlehugs versus actual fighting. From what I read at the start the point was the last alliance standing, if there hadn’t been an alliance that killed and then simply bombarded another alliance for 700 ticks rather than fighting other teams this would not have been such a problem since that would have allowed the team to jump back in.

This was not a problem I think we ran into, though I personally felt overwhelmed at times this was mostly because I was trying to do too much (and because Trajic left, damn you). I can see how this might be a problem for teams with less people organizing than ours though, we had a good team on that count.

Yes. This made no sense at all.[quote=“Malicewolf, post:1, topic:590”]
Leaders power was more than just figurehead

Uhm, yeah.

Also perhaps make it easier to vote for another leader or make it so that you can’t kick as easily, for example the admin needs to kick. Of course this would lead to problems as well, but not the sort of problems that were caused by leaders being able to kick quite literally all their active players because the (non-democratically chosen) leaders disagreed with the vast majority of the team.

Duhh. I have no idea why anyone would even think tick 50 made sense rather than tick 1.

Not a problem I had but yes, I heard this from many indeed.

Again though, for me and I think for our alliance the larger problem was income. Normally you can compete with heavy boosters by having a lot of activity, having a lot of activity meant almost literally nothing income-wise on this era. I understand that the purpose is to make sure you organize your team rather than rely on a few super-actives and all that, but this is practically not always possible and just means boosters have a HUGE advantage (as showcased by our dear LAN friends ;)). That, plus the perverse incentives to focus on your individual rank rather than team rank to me were major problems. That these problems were overshadowed by certain individuals that put their own before their entire team’s/era’s well-being is I believe not really something we can blame the admins/organizers for.


Well this is why this event looked like any other era just that you had 100+ ppl in alliance instead of 10
Few ppl fighting rest just boosting and farming to get top 10…so stupid and unfair to others…but its bd and things like this happen all the time but if special era is made then make it without tokens/medals rewards and have full war fun era

And yeah reso ops were problem this era


Unfortunately, there’s no real way to prevent allying as we HAVE to have a leader. However, I would try to ensure it was made a bit clearer next time to all the leaders that they shouldn’t try to enforce anything in terms of “allies”. I am unsure if that feature can be turned off, but overall, the leaders could still msg the entire team and tell them not to attack another team. I understand that for leaders looking to win, being able to focus full power on a single team is essential to the war effort. We can disable kicking though (or at least limit it greatly).

As for spies… as stated, it’s pretty much impossible to stop. Heck, sometimes, it’s not even the one’s laying back that are the one’s spying. It’s the one’s on the front-lines attacking. All it takes is, “hey dodge this attack”. Just because they’re helping to push doesn’t mean they aren’t warning their friends to run away. It’s the sad reality that we cannot stop. However, that IS why we suggested the new idea that if your faction leader is conquered (basically, the team is dead/dying) that they be disbanded and randomized into the remaining factions. This idea hopefully kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

  1. Keep things interesting for all players throughout the entire round (no stagnating)
  2. The fact that if your team falls, you could end up in the team you were spying for anyways, then spying is done for that person. Sure, it doesn’t fully solve, but it may help minimize a bit. But we can’t stop it fully.

Deleting inactives probably won’t happen. Maybe could decrease the time limit for deletion if it’s do-able per world (and not across the board for all worlds).

As for income, I stated we’d increase deletion and spawn rate of AI colonies. This way, the boosters aren’t the only one’s holding a majority of the conquers all era. However, as BAR showed, activity and coordination will always thwart boosting. It was difficult, but not impossible.

We might place some batches of mines down for teams to fight over. But remember, the reason we kept them out for most of the era is because they can cause HUGE landslides for teams. If teams get sidetracked for even just a little too long it would be easy for 1 team to take such a lead it’s near impossible to turn the tides (like LAN was able to make everyone else focus elsewhere and took over half the map while BAR and FIRE fought).

The tick 50 was originally done because I didn’t know the admin’s would increase the tick pause at the beginning. But once again, rules were set and we did not want to change anything mid-era. My main focus was giving people plenty of time to plant though before the randomizing occurred.

Hopefully the ideas I put above were sufficient to helping the event for future eras, but if you have any other ideas, please do say something!

Rewards would definitely be altered though. We could do a few things;

  • 1st place alliance would get (that way, hopefully, all other teams near end would gang up to try knocking out)
    -No rewards at all

The havoc type idea unfortunately cannot be done. Havoc usually has a huge drop off of active players. The servers may not handle too well if everyone on the map ALL ERA were running around with 200 squads each… That would definitely cause more issues than solve. Sure, it’d be fun, but you’d likely find the ticks paused every other tick due to crashes from too much going on for the server to handle. So I’m going to have to say a hard no on that specific idea.

Moving bases is also a bit tricky. The ONLY way for this to happen… is for the admin to manually do this. When we’re talkin bout the whole world… that gets to be a bit much. I think lowering costs as was done was the better way to handle. Or perhaps, just give out a massive oil and energy boost and lower the required CT’s to relocate for a day or 2. People can relocate then if they want, or use the resources on other things. Up to them.

And allowing leaders to kick was one of the biggest issue’s that came up this era as it caused some issues within the BAR faction. So instead, we’re moving more towards removing the ability for leaders to kick players in this type of event. Instead, relying on Admin to do for you if absolutely necessary.


i like the era overall but just maybe let the leaders pick some players so its even instead of LAN having loads of beast players while STRK had much less also maybe divide the players based on achievements i know that achievements dont show whether ur good or not but it shows whether ur new/inexperienced or that you’ve actually won an era or 2 which will also divide the players more equally


[quote=“Malicewolf, post:15, topic:590”]
The fact that if your team falls, you could end up in the team you were spying for anyways, then spying is done for that person. Sure, it doesn’t fully solve, but it may help minimize a bit. But we can’t stop it fully.
[/quote] that might also increase spies for example if FIRE was disbanded and some of them joined BAR the members who joined BAR will want them to die or fail since BAR killed FIRE so naturally they’ll try to make BAR fail and reach out to their enemies for them to die like FIRE did


maybe have the event around kills?reward blues for the top 50 players that killed the most?


Did that already. Not for top 50 though. Battle Contest was quite arduous and extremely painful to monitor for both players and organizers alike. Could try to alter things to make it easier, but the biggest problem is how to judge people and how to avoid farming, etc. Link below if ya wanna see how previous one was set up. Once again, could alter it a lot, but the biggest issue as always is how to determine score and how to offset the attempts at cheating