Factions disscusion


This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in BD. I’m speechless and that’s rare.


Speaking of Greed, LAN scorewhored most of the era while the big boosters at the top did most of the work

gj @Kaen @princekael2 and Iceman :\


This was never a team play, everyone cares only for ranks and themselves

Wait till end there will be more stabs for ranks…


:rage::rage::rage: so pissed when they kick out player who are attacking togther at eot i lose half of my units :rage::rage: never mind era is done LAN did nothing free win


ok so my 2 cents over this http://prnt.sc/es8nw0 and what was written on skype
fyi i respect milans skills greatly as a player and he was really helpfull and i already told him that

But since from what i have seen the asia front think psi did nothing ?
who stayed awake for 24 hours to make sure our hive in asia is safe who setup the diplomacy throughout the era that was PSI if you guys crying right now because he allied LAN should have cried 650 tick ago when we were gonna fight LAN FIRE and STRK
yeah milan lead the war front in asia but he didnt lead the team as a whole traj lead the front in africa and tbh there were a lot of leaders in the team so psi didnt have to lead any wars he could focus on other things but yeah lets disregard all that milan was 100% leading everything (LOL)
and now every1 is flipping on psi because after disregarding him as a leader he chose to kick so what should he have done let the people who arent listening cause him to war LAN with a divided team? why make the players who didnt want to fight go through it
why is every1 crying psi allied lan he had to why does he have to stab because some people are crying he is a logical dude if u gave him good reasons he would have done it but na “PSI SUXX OUT VOTE HIM WHY IS HE OUR LEADER” lol
FYI: I would have warred with milan LAN if i still played but i wouldnt have cried about psi


There needs to be a name for this event. It arguably is the most infamous moment of BD history. Like any alliance, one of the biggest fears is internal revolt or a civil war per say.


i’ve honestly never seen any era as eventful as this one. and its been dead for most of the era. PSI has managed to spice things up and the only ones mad at the ones that got kicked for betraying allies

justice has been served. PSI has maintained his reputation of being a fair and reasonable player that would rather follow through on his word than break promises and betray people that trust him.

respect to PSI. good man.


You do realise that is literally every active player in our alliance?


yes. i do realize that. your point is…?


my favorite part was when 2 or more players were going for the same target same eta and one or more got kicked before they landed.