Factions disscusion


Well, actually we were doing fine against that team, their sub and their multiple allies all at once. It was only once Uchi stabbed us that we lost, before he promptly gave up to 4E.
Certainly judging off your performance in E1 you are totally unable to fight multiple teams at once, certainly not when you’re not rank one.

It’s pathetic that someone who was caught bribing someone with reds, doesn’t know how to make units and doesn’t work to win has a spot in the AANC and the maintenance team.

SGC might not be popular but you certainly can’t accuse us of not actively fighting for eras. IF you want to go around pretending you’re supporting the game other than buying tokens to send to people as bribes, maybe learning to be able to properly contest competitive eras might help


So you’re going to judge my ability to run events or lead based on one era? Things didn’t go our way in E4 for a variety of reasons, but I found a great group of 10-15 who are still fighting with me.

I have fought multiple teams at once, and one time we won, other times we lost. It’s a matter of circumstance. But you cant call me a bad leader. Ask anyone on my m1 teams, and they tell you that I sacrifice time, score, units, and personal finances for the good of my team.

You are a bitter person Alfie, and thats not just me saying that, that is players from SGC too. You want to lash out at me to make yourself feel better for losing, go right ahead. Show up to M1 sometime and we will see how you fare.


Nope, I’m basing off talking to people you led in e1 where you told everyone you were quitting half way through and went inactive, watching you lead in e1where you died pathetically, watching you in m1 where you couldn’t kill Mr O’s team despite having a 50% power lead until you had to try and bribe other teams with reds and then got humiliated after you were caught doing it, and watching you fail miserably in e4. The consensus about you from everybody who speaks to you is so universally negative that I’m surprised you bother to stick around…
And yes of course I’m a bitter person everyone knows that. But they also know I’ve been trashing you long before we lost f3. And I’d like to hear who from SGC is even bothering to talk to you


I told people in E1 prior to the era start that we were playing JW, ask anyone on that team. We had just played last E1 seriously and won, and I wanted to focus on M1, the only server I tend to play.

We never had a 50% power lead over Mr.Os team. At most it was 400 power, and that was towards the beginning of war. They were an active, and boosting team, and It was hard without active allies to defeat them. Allies Alfie are people who help you win wars, I know thats a foreign concept to you since no one wants to work with you and your poisonous attitude.

And as for the person I bribed, his team didnt even participate in the war, so your point it moot. They had a farm place to save their armies after we trapped them. That is actual cheating, but we kept playing anyways, we fought on.

I hope you find happiness one day Alfie. We lose some eras, and we win some. No need to be so negative.


Oh you were jw? That’s why you were boosting and rank one then?

400 power??? That is immense for a world that was only at tick 500 or so. Poor you for not having teams to help you fight such a strong enemy!

And actually no, my point isn’t moot at all. You tried to BRIBE someone with reds. Thats fucking cheap and nobody will ever respect you if you are caught doing it again. If there’s anyone left who respects you now…

And I’m not an unhappy person. Ask my good friends and they’ll tell you. I just don’t like you



with 10 tick protection -_-


341 fleets hit relic :o



REEK from FIRE white flage :smile:


Fun times



Karl still going strong


Just doing a bit of spring cleaning in Europe, all these have been killed in the last 20 ticks or so. :grin:


that third screenshot tho.

tmw u send 1 armor unit with some other player’s main army and claim you “participated in the war and did cleaning” gg, Zel. gg


show some respect man, damn

I cant believe you’d call me out like this. I thought you were better than that :confused:


zealot show kaen some respect for fighting the mighty strk :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Tick 715

FIRE has relocated to AA or died at this point, and STRK is well… STRK :smiley:
Both LAN and BAR seem to be relaxing atm


Get ready guys… PSI messages incomng

ruined the era for BAR


Greed ruined BAR :pig2:


:pig: Ji hoo can save us