Factions disscusion


Good lord w hat is that build my guy. Thats 45% range 55% armor. Someone tryina pad up some score? Thats what happens when u be paddin score :smiley:


Tick 478

Haven’t updated in awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

(Niracas solo’d a garrison, the madlad :fearful:)

BAR has moved into FIRE’s hive, and taken over most of Africa. LAN has completely decimated STRK in NA, and @princekael2 is raining nukes down :smiley:


Yep Sorry(i rarely log atm)

More spice


Ok. STRK Leader doomed. (Long back though)

Poor @Jazz :sweat_smile:


Being conquered doesn’t matter that much :slight_smile: If anything it’s good that the “newbies” see someone conquered and still fighting.


I certainly hope that @Jazz does a better job in the draft pick than the languishing failure of his leadership in factions


Did you learn this savagery or is it a natural gift?


FIRE is dying :frowning:


Tfw you never get to join a team and have meme fun :confused:


Did you ever msg me ingame? If you do not, then i dont know to get you assigned… we do not mix the bots into the factions


You dont need a team to have fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its all fun and games until iceman decides to troll you for the rest of your life (giggle)


RIP my gf Djina


Sorry Alfie, but one of the requirements for the draft is not getting humiliated by 4e and some galaxy team :laughing:


Idk who is trolling who after all its 100vs1 and im still alive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO what happened? i was out for like half a year. thats what they get themselves into without me?


I kinda like what djiana does on E4

She spams the world chat with fullstops lol.


It’s me Jake, of course I messaged you.


Tick 568 :runner:

Admin JOE has bamboozled us with late relics as usual :angry:

FIRE and STRK are held up in EU taking fire, not much has changed tbh. uhhh viva BAR I’ll be back later


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