Factions disscusion


Tick 215

Things are really starting to get interesting :slight_smile:


When youre 4k score behind, GO STRK GOOOO


True sadly era ends in 10-11 days right ?


LOL this thread is pretty much dead. There is so much killings on both sides no br though.


Then post em! Come on folks, give us something to look at!!


Tick 273

Poor STRK, BAR and FIRE are fighting currently :open_mouth:


It’s still early :wink:
Killing someone off this early is only asking to be ganged up on later. When it’s 3 teams left, it only takes an alliance between 2 of the teams to all of a sudden turn it into a 2v1.

And an early defeat gives PLENTY of time for rebuilding when people stop paying attention because all of a sudden, other wars take precedence.


I thought you said the era would only last till tick 1000 which is less than 10 days ;-;


yes, but 700 ticks is a lot of time gamewise for much to happen.


summary of the era :smiley:


feels bad man, really feels bad


Tick 330

Fighting is picking up as BAR and FIRE duke it out across 3 different fronts (Middle East, North Asia, and Africa)

Go BAR!!!

LAN and STRK are still at war but things aren’t looking so hot for STRK atm, many of them relocated into Europe near FIRE.


Looks like things are being wrapped up or is it far from over (;

Spoke too soon Reek relocated not bad at all :slight_smile:


http://prntscr.com/epzsrv How the era is goin for STRK so far.


I M O N T H E F R O N T P A G E !

go BAR


reward to whoever kills zealot and knocks him off front page. Can’t go lettin him get cocky now :wink:


Ehhhh, FIRE’ll have to catch me first :smiley:


impossible his army has been on his colony all era until garrisons popped up. After taking one he went back to hibernation :smiley:


#kickcarter is trending no 1


one more died got LD