Factions disscusion


It was selected randomly. and if you check multiple era’s youll find every team got a fair degree of HoF players :slight_smile:


Whos here from BAR :slight_smile:


im pretty sure everyone


What chassis should we use and what anti?


Don’t discuss that stuff here -_-


this is pretty much pathetic. My team is filled with noobs & trollers (including me) leader is showing no sign of activity. :joy: :joy: :joy:
this is really funny.

but on a serious note LAN & FIRE seem to be pretty strong teams when compared to BAR & STRK


see the best of all times bro… all in same team :joy:


FIRE ftw! we have dragons :stuck_out_tongue:


Lets go team BAR! :slight_smile:


I’m again asking how long will it last?


Tick 58 update


I really like this!
So far as AANC mentor I’ve met two new players and answered lots of questions.
Carry on other mentors!



Tick 75 :slight_smile:

Teams starting to organism and get hives going, STRK in NA, FIRE in EU/North Africa, LAN in Aussie, and BAR in East Russia.

Really fun event so far, keep it up everyone


I’m still joining when I sort my BD accessing issue :smiling_imp:


So far I’ve spent more time answering questions on Skype than in game this era.
I really like it, it kind of made the game interesting again.


Tick 97 update


Looks like (STRK) will be in NA (LAN) will be in Aussie (BAR) in Russia and (FIRE) has the French/Rome area. Getting good :slight_smile:


Tick 125 :slight_smile:

Not much has changed yet, I’ll keep posting :stuck_out_tongue:


Tick 188


and here i am with 200 oil :frowning: