Factions disscusion


Let us know whats happening in the factions…
Throw some BRs here
insult someone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



BD Memes for Fun



I just want the teams to be formed tbh. I am tired of building outposts :X


Tick 50 is 24 ticks away :wink:

i’ll try to cover as much as i can this round

So far, The scoreboard at Tick 26


inb4 everyone in my continent is on another team


YOO we strugglin out here. Aint enough workers to keep makin OPs. I NEED teammates to use as outposts :stuck_out_tongue:


Jesus yeah, I just realised half the world is going to be an outpost :smiley:


@EnerGY best part of the era so far :smiley:


Thanks for the thread @ENERGY . But i’ll suggest that the ranking you display at various ticks add that to your original first post itself.


nice initiative , i remember there was a NEWS alliance but forum is way better for live news feed lol

i hope this era become successfull :imp:


Wow factions is heating up! A1 takes the lead!


ehh yeyeyey here we go guys.


What do we want? FACTIONS! When do we want them? FACTIONS


We would really appreciate if Malice or Admin Theo atleast give a heads up about what’s going on, how much time more for ticks to resume etc.


Technical difficulties. Apologies!! It will be up and running soon. Please remember, this is an entirely new event with things we’ve never done before in an era. We want it to be special, but do remember, there’s some issues that could arise (like right now). We’re working on setting up the factions now. Please bear with us for a bit! :slight_smile:

Things should be back and going real soon


Can currently relocate for just 5 required Control Ticks, 10 energy and 100 oil…

This won’t last very long, use it to get close to your team mates. :slight_smile: Help all the less experienced people relocate please!


for how long will this scheme last?


i guess the team selection is pretty unfair…

see all hall of fame players are in lannisters faction

Lannisters faction got most of the pro players lol


Tick 52 the mess begins :slight_smile:


hi guys

why do i need to have at least 20 characters?