Factions, a retrospective


I definitely like that idea. To be honest it’s not like a leader tag does much except for make it clear for other alliances who to contact, which is definitely not a big deal on an era like this, and be able to set ministers. As long as we can still have the right people deciding who can be minister and therefore edit/delete markers there’s no real need for one single official leader I think.

That I actually disagree with. I think that smaller teams would make it worse for newbies because in larger teams there’s a good chance there are some experienced players willing to answer newbie questions and team up with them at any given time. It’s a random sorting, so having larger teams should reduce the chances of most top talent landing in one team relatively to smaller teams (also, I think “talent” was quite well spread in alliances last era, just in some teams a few people got very involved and motivated those players to actually play whereas in other teams this seems to have happened less).


To add to that, I think that for example, tell me if I’m wrong, in LAN it wasn’t such a big deal that the official leader, Darkflame, didn’t actually seem to lead as much. I’m not sure how it went in FIRE and STRK, not sure who the de facto leaders in those were (I feel like in FIRE Skip was both actual leader and theoretical leader). There’s no way we would even be discussing this if it hadn’t been for what happened in our alliance, which I think can be solved extremely easily just by actually, credibly, making sure actions like those of the leaders that did that being punished or by you know, me and the other active ones taking over official leadership prior to starting the war. I really doubt that mistake will be made twice.

So yeah, exactly. Even with the negatives mentioned I think the overall impact of a second Factions event will be positive.


henlo franships it is me Kaen back from the dead to revive a 11-day old post


first of all, if there is actually 100 players in BD (not even talkig about 100 leaders), i would imagine i would have gotten a message. which i didn’t which i was rather disappointed about. TMoK is one of the bestest alliances and i’m a swell leader.


as far as i remember, i met you when you messaged me during factions to try to “ruin the factions event”. if you succeeded, wouldn’t it be the same result? only reason you look clean and shiny is because you werent the one that got the credit for actually doing it.


I wouldn’t be too

I wouldn’t be too upset, I didn’t get a message either


I wasnt trynna ruin it i wanted to cause some chaos :smiley:


Faction era was awesome, even the way it ended was awesome. Wars from the start of the era, the chaos at the begining all the way to organizing hives and stuff, was alot of fun. BD needs faction againand again and again. Of all events, it’s tge best one for sure, bring it back. The best thing about it is that everyonecan play it, inactives, active ones, newbs and pro’s. Even the newbs were playing like pro’s with everyone’s help. Bring back Faction’s. Bring back YOTFR