Faction Event Details


Yes. they will be liberated.


Q: Why are all the resource mines and wells protected?
A: They are cut off for the time being and will be released as the era progresses! I don’t want to give away ALL of the fun though.


This is so cool, the whole concept :D. I remember playing this 2-3 years ago and was amazed, glad I’ve decided to make a comeback.


Question- If a faction leader or member dont behave himself can we convert him into a goat with black magic ? :imp:


I don’t think goat is possible, but u can surely turn him into a pig :pig:


It’s literally impossible to conquer these AI colonies so early unless you’re boosting :confused: :frowning:


Answering on a serious note.

Faction leaders won’t misbehave because they are old players who malice trusts.

About the player part, well the faction leader will need to take up the issue with malice or admin maybe then he can kick them out.


@Jazz no misbehaving if you get @Alfie or @TheAmazingMrO ok? c;


Leaders have specific instructions that if they disobey there will be consequences :stuck_out_tongue:

Players can and will be kicked if they break the rules

Its all about the instructions people! :octopus:


Anymore warning for other players?:joy: :joy:


It’s a joke bc Jazz has been very vocal about his dislike of Alfie and Donovan.

[3/23/2017 11:04:03 AM] Jazz Nackso: I promise you regardless of rules, if you put those two on my team, they getting kicked

(its all banter dw he won’t actually do it, or will he :open_mouth: )


2 ticks left for factions :heart_eyes:


Lol one tick before 50
First alliance is out



Me and Jazz are the bestest friends now. im currently working on our friendship bracelets!!!