Faction Event Details


Bot colonies will spawn after teams are randomized


Ok, so players can’t plant after tick 50? And if they do, how will they be distinguished from bots and placed in team?


You can still join, just message Malice :slight_smile:


Oh…Ok I see…

Also, one suggestion about the rewards, I think the top faction leader should get some extra reward of about 1k since he does the max effort leading over 100 players to victory …


Update, do to complications with Rob’s computer, he had to step down from leading his faction. In his place, it’ll be Sir Skipwith.


can a friend join yet??, he is back after 3 years ago


Yea, people can join until tick 50 :slight_smile:

@Malicewolf noo rob :frowning:


Can we close this shitty e4 world? Its causin server problems like a crazy! :@


Hi Nick,

The current server issues are nothing to do with E4.


Well it fucks up the whole gameplay


how lol you cant just state something without explaining


Well maybe because you LOCK down an OP, jam all gates around it. Then Server goes down, so the enemy can put SP so you cannot Damage them. While if the server didnt go down, everything was succesfull.


thats just unlucky, and while i agree that it sucks, shit happens and the problem happened to everyone and if you/and your team was that serious they woulda kept refreshing and been first online to damage over the SP.

Plus you just achieved a flop lock so now you cant kill them but youre free to go and take all the surrounding OPs


It sucks big time. It happens ten times a day nowadays.


As stated before, E4 has had nothing to do with the servers going down.


Then what is the problem ?


Malice won’t we have a separate dedicated thread for faction event discussion? I mean ticks have already resumed, like the CE some one should take responsibility of running the thread & post rank updates as well as BRs?
@Senatus you up for this?


Sorry, But joining teams is Random.
You may or may not end up in the same team as your friend.


Question, at tick 50 when factions are formed, will people in the same faction automatically liberate others that they have conquered in the same faction? Similar to joining an alliance regularly if you were previously conquered by someone in the team you just joined?


Question, Whats up with the mines and well? Will they lose their protection? Or else they stay in protection?