Faction Event Details


Andrei tht lazy mofo is plyin w0w


We been friends for a little while.


Can’t wait to play. Got some good players to come back and play hopefully :smiley:


You mean you brought back a lot of good players to kill you :grinning:


“Random” teams, ill probably only end up with the noobiest RDH member, my co-leader, and have to carry :cry:


Glad to see everybody excited already :slight_smile:

We set the tick 1 pause to 2 days, so there’s still plenty of time to pester people into joining :smiley:


and what can i do in the first 50 ticks??, conquer??, and what if i fight against one that finished in my faction?


i dont understand at 100%, sorry


I think you didn’t go through the thread. This has been already brought up.
If that happens then most probably he will be liberated automatically as it happens on normal rounds that a player whom you have conquered joins your alliance he gets liberated.


Just like if you were to conquer someone who joined your alliance, they will be auto liberated. The only issue is if you left them with a dying want to have revenge on you :slight_smile:

But that’s part of the chaos. Not knowing at all whats gonna happen at tick 50. Are you going to be conquering a future enemy, or a future ally? Who knows, it could set a precedent for the future :slight_smile:


Are there going to be special ribbons for the HoF for this @Malicewolf?


Was in the post above, just skim read through it so same things dont get answered more than once


No, this was brought up earlier :frowning:


Beat you to it Carter c;


Lmao darn, my Internet here sucks :confused:

A lot of these questions could be answered if people read the full post though :slight_smile:


When there is no discount for an event



raking in that fresh coin


Remember, when competition is high and when people are having fun, admin’s are much more willing to put up some discounts to encourage :wink:


So will bot colonies be in any team?


Not 100% sure but they might be disabled