Faction Event Details


Jazz, co-leaders Carter and Antrax


Wait, really?
no kidding?


Can I trade Carter for Anish Mal?


Each Faction leader is only allowed ONE co-lead to bring in for sure. Not two. And neither of those two listed were his co-lead :joy:


Any idea when will it start?


I heard he’s bringing his own secret faction


No exact time frame has been set, but good estimate is within 24 hours. Lots of things to set up to make this the fun event everyone is looking forward to!


I hope its FUN :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s open again. Is it for real this time?


Really excited to be a part of this ERA.

I am not sure if I can place top 25 as I am sure big faces will pop up and people will be trying hard!

My goal is to simply make my presence known in the BD community

Have a fun era everyone!


Yes, the server is back open and all are welcome to join now :grin:


the news says,“randomly placed” whyi can select my place, i will be relocate later??


No, it means you’ll be assigned to one of the alliance factions at tick 50


The new’s says “there will be 4 teams on the map and you will be randomly placed in 1 at tick 50” So it is referring to the Faction that you’ll be placed in. Not your position. You will not be randomly “placed” per se, but randomly put into an alliance at tick 50. Sorry for the confusion!

Also, many have been asking about the mines and wells. They are off limits for the start of the era and will be coming available as the era progresses :slight_smile: Be excited folks. The era will be chaotic and fun!


I see a Geenstijl is that real Geen?


Who knows :kissing_smiling_eyes:
There may or may not be a lot of old players popping their heads in :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hahaha I already see a lot of familiar names popping up :smiley:


Nah Andrei is my co-leader :smiley:


Be prepared for that RDH take over.


I know. No clue how you got him