Faction Event Details


Can leader be replaced in case one has to stop playing in the middle of the round, or if the faction is not satisfied with our leader can a new one be voted?


awww yeah! Sounds like a blast :smiley:


Should we expect the world to begin in the next few days then?


Technically yes… we can’t turn off the alliance leader vote… but for the event, no. I am going to be very involved and in constant communications with the Faction leaders. They are also under strict rules and guidelines so as not to abuse their power of being an alliance leader in this event. So if they get voted off, we’ll simply be putting them back.

Now - if something in real life comes up and they simply can’t be on anymore, then yes. We will make sure to find a suitable replacement within their faction and bring the new leader up to speed.

Hopefully. Need to finish hashing out all the smaller details with admin’s. Will announce when it’s finalized.

On a separate note, the event will be a 3 ticker for 1000 ticks. If you guys REALLY don’t want a 3 tickers, then it can be moved to a 2 ticker for 750 ticks. But this event will only take place for 2 weeks max. There are still a lot of unknowns for how things will turn out in this event overall. So we wish to keep it short and sweet for this go around and we’ll see how things work :slight_smile: If all goes well, we can look forward to seeing this again in the future!

E4 Factions event

Any updates?

Also I think 3 ticker 1000 ticks would be best.


No confirmed start date yet. Waiting for the timing to work out with the admins to start it up. If it was up to me, it would of started last week :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! I cant wait for this!


You should probably make a poll for the tick speed…I prefer a 2 ticker for 750 ticks…That would let more people who are not Hyper active to play serious.


Would we be able to request a team to join or is this going to be completely random?


I think it is entirely random. You place, and at tick 50 everyone is randomly assigned to one of the four factions.


Except us, we’re going to be in the same one c:


Which Admin will be running it?


Alex probably, but it could be a duo of admins idk.


Lets hope xx

Real talk, keen for this to start…


Alex and Tom will both be running it


Tom will be admining it. Alex will be assisting with the set up is all since it is a special event.
Unfortunately, I still don’t have an exact date for starting it up aside from “soon”.


please try to make clear cut rules so every1 knows them so tom doesnt change his rules mid era like always thanks ^^


Sure! Please reference the below for rules and guidelines!


Soon? No date yet?



all i got is soon :sweat:

It all depends on world resets right now. So it’s not really up to me. Don’t prolong any soon to reset worlds!! :stuck_out_tongue: